Traveling is one of a few things people often do. There may be different purposes for traveling. People travel to visit new places, observe natural sights, serve honeymoon purposes, conduct research, do photography, help the needy, deliver a message or official purpose. Also, group traveling can be the greatest way of entertainment if fueled by experienced and joyful partners. 

Though different purposes of traveling are there, to one point, everyone has a common thing, and that is they have to carry a suitcase or luggage. Because of many reasons, the suitcase has become the most generous friend. It offers many advantages when we travel with it. Apart from the benefits, it has a particular drawback. For example, while traveling. You are allowed to keep a certain level of weight. Weighting tools help to measure the suitcase’s weight. But sometimes, a measuring machine may not be available.

Here in this study, we will examine some techniques on how to weigh a suitcase without a scale. But before that, let’s know the different benefits of having a suitcase.

What are the benefits of carrying a suitcase with me?

Carrying a suitcase has many benefits. If you are concerned about whether to take a briefcase while traveling, here are many uses of a suitcase we have discussed below.

First of all, you can carry many things with you if you are going for a vacation of, maybe, two weeks. You may need to take many things if you do not repurchase those while traveling and waste your time.

Depending on your need, you can choose the size of a suitcase.

The second benefit is that a suitcase has a locking system. So if you are afraid of theft, you can always lock your suitcase to protect the goods or products you have with you.

Using a suitcase that has wheels can help you to a great extent. You can drag the suitcase easily with you everywhere. It allows you an opportunity to carry a big suitcase, especially when you are out for a long vacation.

If you are going for research travel or an official tour, you may need to bring formal dresses and other important materials. A suitcase can help you to carry out these formal dresses intact.

Though a suitcase offers many benefits, it has certain limitations. You cannot carry any measure of weight with you. Here comes the importance of measuring the weight of a suitcase.

Why do I have to weigh a suitcase?

It would be best if you weighed your suitcase before starting your journey. Otherwise, be sure that you may become stuck in the road for certain reasons.

First of all, many carriers have restrictions on carrying weights. You cannot carry whatever weight you want to. So, if you do not know the weight of your luggage, you may be restricted from the transportation or else you may be charged high.

Second, the weighting machines that are provided by the airports are sometimes inaccurate. So, if you do not know the correct weight, you may be charged extra wrongly.

By weighing beforehand, you can save your money. When you measure it by yourself, you can eliminate less important materials and reduce them to a lower weight. It helps you not to pay an extra amount of cash to the carriers or airport.

However, sometimes we may not have the weighting tools with us. Certainly, we face problems as we cannot measure the weight, right? Not really!

There are some other ways that allow us to measure the weight of the suitcase. We now will talk about those ways that will help us to weigh a suitcase without a scale.

How to weigh a suitcase without a scale?

Perhaps, you are about to start a journey, and you have packed every important thing, but one problem arose. That is, you do not know the weight of the luggage.

You may not have a scale that can take a certain measurement of your suitcase or luggage. Now, what to do? Here we have explained some effective tricks that can certainly help you to measure the weight.

Weigh the suitcase or a bag with a bathroom scale

Perhaps, you do not have a luggage scaling machine, but you may have a bathroom scale. And you can use a bathroom scale to measure the weight of your luggage or suitcase accurately. But how? Let’s know the measuring trick properly.

First, measure the weight of yourself and note it down. Then hold the luggage or suitcase by your hand and stand on the bathroom scale and take the number. Now, subtract the old number from the new number. You will weigh the luggage. Using a bathroom scale is the most accurate technique to measure a suitcase’s weight without a weighing scale.

Feel a familiar object and compare

The second option of measuring a suitcase is the most popular but less accurate one. This one is called the feeling and estimating the weight.

To apply this method, you first need to lift and feel a substance whose weight is already known. Then lift the luggage of which you want to know the weight. By this method, you can guess the weight of your suitcase or luggage.

Take a trip to the local post office, FedEx, or UPS store.

Nowadays, courier services are available everywhere. You will easily find a local post office, FedEx, or UPS near to your home. They do have all of the latest postal scales to measure any bags. This is also the most accurate method of weighing a suitcase or luggage.

All you need to do is to go there with your suitcase and ask them nicely to measure the weight. They will do it free of cost, most likely. Or, they can charge a minimal amount of fees from you. However, the accuracy will be very high if you need to know the weight.

Look for the service at your hotel.

If you are staying at a hotel, you can quickly get the weighing done — all you need to do to ask them if they have the postal scale. Most of the luxurious hotels do have these scales, and they provide the service free of cost.

Build your own makeshift scale

In case you do not have any other options, for example, weighing by using a bathroom scale, you can apply this option. This one is more accurate than the weight feeling method. You can actually make your own makeshift scale.

First, take a very strong stick. It could be a steel or iron rod. In the middle of this rod, tie a rope knot accurately and then hang it with something. Next, in the two ends of the iron rod, hang two buckets of the same weights.

Now it comes to the interesting part. Take a thing of which you know the weight. It can be a bottle of water or an object of which you already know the weight. Now, keep this water bottle in one bucket, and keep the things you want to measure in the other. Finish the weighing of the materials one by one. Take notes and then add everything up. The sum is the total weight of the luggage. By this, you can measure all of the things you can carry in your luggage.

Bottom Line

Measuring is not an easy job to be done. Different types of materials require different types of scales to be measured. Also, everyone does not have a measuring scale at their home. But if some specific technique is applied, the weighing of luggage or a suitcase can be done very quickly without a scale.

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